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Cinefile: The streaming portal for arthouse movies, documentaries, cinema and children's films

Cinefile is a Swiss film platform founded in 2018 that operates a comprehensive movie guide, a streaming service and a DVD/Blu-Ray rental service. 

The streaming selection ranges from the latest cinema hits to classics and is based on the motto "Only Good Movies": We deliberately limit the range to a maximum of 1000 entertainment and arthouse films and update it on an ongoing basis. The five-strong selection team only selects films that are really worth seeing. All films are available in HD and original version with freely selectable subtitles, some also in German or French dubbed versions. The films can be streamed with all common browsers or via the Android TV app, which is available in the Google Play Store.

The complete range is available with the free Basic registration for individual rental or in the Take 2/3/4 subscriptions, which include 2, 3 or 4 films per month, or 12, 18 or 24 films per half-year with discounts of up to 50 percent.

The cinefile cinema guide offers a complete overview of the Swiss cinema program with all important information and reservation links for all films, including arthouse cinemas, film museums and open airs.

You can save all the cinema and streaming films that interest you in a personal watchlist.

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5 free trial minutes with every movie - Upgrade or downgrade at any time: Simply click on the new option; select the BASIC option when canceling the subscription (changes are made at the end of the current subscription period) - Weekly newsletter and ad-free movie guide included. Without cancellation, all subscriptions renew automatically at the end of the term.
New releases
Sebastián Lelio, Spain 2017, 104' c7.2

Marina is a transgender woman in Santiago de Chile, happily together with her much older boyfriend Orlando. When he dies unexpectedly, the authorities and Orlando's family confront her with a range of emotions from quiet irritation and mistrust to open contempt. But Marina is not prepared to be denied and accepts open confrontations. They come to a head as Orlando's funeral approaches.

Alain Ughetto, France 2023, 70' c7.3

Among mountain farmers in Piedmont in 1900: living conditions are tough and the Ughetto family dreams of a new start abroad. The story goes that the young Luigi Ughetto took the big step one day after surviving two wars. He began working on dangerous mountain construction sites in France, changing the family's fate forever. In the present day, his grandson Alain looks back on this time in a loving dialog with his grandmother and resurrects the world of yesterday as a puppet cartoon.

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