Events: Zürich

L’île aux oiseaux

Define the title

After a long period of isolation, Antonin, a young man suffering from persisting exhaustion, rediscovers the world at a rehabilitation center for birds. In this strange place wounded birds and lost souls cohabit, lulled by the ubiquitous sounds of airplanes.

We, 7/15 , 6:20 PM
Houdini Kino/Bar Screen 1


Define the title

Before an office complex is set to be demolished, it expresses one last wish: a love story. It centres around desire, security, and a melody that runs through the entire fabric of the building. So when darkness descends and everything falls silent, the routine lives of those within its walls sparkle like stars, paving the way for intimate chance encounters and absurd humor to unfold. A nocturnal kaleidoscope of longing, loneliness and freedom.

Th, 7/23 , 9:00 PM
Riffraff Screen 1
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