Qiu Ju da guan si

Zhang Yimou, China, Hong Kong SAR China, 1993o


The Story of Qiu Ju is a 1992 Chinese comedy-drama film. The film was directed by Zhang Yimou and, as in many of his films, stars Gong Li in the title role. The screenplay is an adaption of Chen Yuanbin's novella The Wan Family's Lawsuit. The film tells the story of a peasant woman, Qiu Ju, who lives in a rural area of China. When her husband is kicked in the groin by the village head, Qiu Ju, despite her pregnancy, travels to a nearby town, and later a big city to deal with its bureaucrats and find justice.


Movie Datao

Other titles
Die Geschichte der Qiu Ju DE
Qiu Ju une femme chinoise FR
The Story of Qiu Ju EN
Comedy, Drama
Running time
100 Min.
Original language
ØYour rating7.6/10
IMDB user:
7.6 (5372)
< 10 votes
< 3 votes

Cast & Crewo

Gong LiQiu Ju
Liu PeiqiWan Qinglai, chili farmer
Liuchun YangMeizi, Qinglai's sister
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