Events: Zürich

Wer sind wir?

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How do we deal with it, if everything turns out differently than we imagined? Nineteen-year-old Helena and eleven-year-old Jonas are two youngsters who need special support in managing their daily lives, which is a challenge for their parents, families, schools and society as a whole.

Su, 1/26 , 6:30 PM
Riffraff Screen 1

Tutti insieme

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Alma, Jean and Sebastiano, the children of divorced parents, arrive in Rome from Paris on a visit to their father. During a holiday, the family’s tensions come to the surface.

Mo, 1/27 , 12:15 PM
Arthouse Le Paris

Als Hitler das rosa Kaninchen stahl

Define the title

Berlin, 1933: Anna is only nine years old when her family flees from the Nazis to Zurich. Forced to leave everything behind (including her beloved pink rabbit), Anna faces a new life full of challenges and hardship.

- Adaptation of the novel of the same name by Judith Kerr.

Mo, 1/27 , 5:45 PM
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