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cinefile is the Swiss streaming service for lovers of international and Swiss arthouse and independent movies. 

The attractive and hand-picked film library of 600 titles is constantly supplemented with the best new feature films as well as selected reprises, classics and short films. All films are available for single rental with the Basic registration without any subscription obligation. The 99 most popular films are available in the unique Stream99 monthly or annual subscriptions. All films are available in HD and original version with selectable subtitles, partly also in German or French dubbed versions. In addition, there is bonus material such as reviews, video essays, live interviews and film portraits. Learn more about our products here.

The offer is completed with the clearly arranged Swiss cinema program, from multiplexes to art house cinemas and open airs. All films with synopses, trailers, ratings and short reviews, clearly arranged or filtered according to your preferences, optionally also in your personal watchlist.

Why streaming and cinema on one platform?

  • Because almost everyone who loves the cinema is streaming today and the biggest streaming fans are still the most loyal cinema audience.
  • Because we constantly missed many of the best films in the cinema and never found them at Netflix & Co.
  • Because there is always too much of everything in the cinema and streaming jungle and we need overview and class instead of mass.


  • Our free, ad-supported cinema guide creates order and bundles practical tools for quickly choosing the right film.
  • Our streaming library separates the wheat from the chaff and contains only what we think is worth a single rental, whether art house or mainstream, classic or new indie cinema.
  • Our affordable flatrate subscription Stream99 offers an even more rigorous selection of choices.
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