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Arthouse films, classics or the latest blockbusters: movies are our life. Cinefile  is the cinema site we dreamed of for the digital age.

Andreas Furler, Founder/General Manager - Till Brockmann, Editor German-speaking Switzerland - Karine Weinberger, Editor French-speaking Switzerland - Michael Kienzl, Editor Germany - Karsten Munt, Philipp Schwarz, Lukas Stern, Editorial staff - Primo Mazzoni, Streaming Manager - Markus Wolters, Programming - Jane Schindler, Web Design.


A guide to all the films playing in Switzerland, from Aarau to Zweisimmen, from the Arena megaplex to the single-screen cinemas in Lugano, Delémont or the Prättigau valley. Information on all the latest films, including trailers, synopses, ratings and reviews in German, French and English, sorted and filtered according to your preferences, which you can save in your individual profile. Plus, your Watchlist of films you'd like to see, at the cinema, on an open-air screen or in bed.


A selection of the best recent films to rent or buy, plus classics, documentaries and exclusives, all in HD, almost always in the original version with subtitles in the language of your choice or dubbed in German or French. Also in development: a search engine for what is available from other streaming providers or on DVD and Blu-ray.


Reviews, videos, interviews, profiles on all streaming titles and many films now playing at the cinema - bonus material from our distribution partners combined with film reviews from our media partners züritipp, Tages Anzeiger, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. And above all: thousands of gems gleaned from the worldwide network of cinephiles.

We're far from done. Let us surprise you ...

What's new

Coming soon

  • Expansion of cinefile streaming - 15 October
  • Cinefile Rating: User ratings, Critics' ratings, Personalized rating - 24 October

Cinefile in French
/ 15 September
The site now automatically adapts to the language you use in your browser. You can also change the language manually at any time using the abbreviations on the right-hand side of the menu bar.

Chromecast puts cinefile on the big screen / 12 August, 2018

If you stream cinefile movies with an Android phone or with Google's Chrome browser, you can transfer them to your big TV screen at home with Google Chromecast. Here's how:

  1. Plug the Chromecast plug into any HDMI jack on your TV and connect to your home WLAN network.
  2. In the lower right-hand corner of your cinefile movie, the Chromecast icon will appear automatically: Just click on it and the cinefile film will immediately be streamed to your TV.
  3. You can now use your player as a remote control to set the language versions, pause or stop the movie.

The Google Chromecast connector is available from any electronics store or online for about CHF 40.00.

Note to Apple users: We are working on the same solution for Apple users and the TV/Airplay box from Apple. It should be available soon.


Launch Streaming / 30 July, 2018

A first selection of films is available for streaming. The editorial staff curates as follows:

  1. We do not distinguish between mainstream and arthouse but simply offer films we like.
  2. We don't add more than three or four new films per week, only as many as we think you can manage.
  3. We offer all films in their original version, whenever available with subtitles in your language of choice, many of them also in dubbed versions.
  4. We provide bonus material for all our streaming films and many titles currently playing in cinemas.


Personal profile & Watchlist / 30 June 2018

By clicking the login button in our menu bar you can register as a cinefile user. This allows you to

1. Personalize the site to a certain extent and automatically display "your" cinema cities as well as displaying film titles and trailers in the language of your choice.

  1. Registered users can create a "Watchlist" of films of their choice and thus compile their personal must-see list.
  2. Once you are logged in, your personal profile and your Watchlist will appear on any device you may use for accessing cinefile.


Home Button / June 14, 2018

So far, cinefile has no apps for the App Store and the Google Play Store. For the time being, here's an easy way to install an app symbol on your home screen anyway: How to create your cinefile home button in two steps or 20 seconds.



Launch of cinefile / 3 June 2018

Cinefile goes online, initially only as a guide to films playing in Switzerland's cinemas.

cinefile as a mobile app: Here's how


  1. Go to www.cinefile.ch via the address bar of your smartphone browser.
  2. Go to the context menu (vertically arranged dots at top right) and select the second option from the bottom: "Add to Home Screen". Done.


  1. Go to www.cinefile.ch via the address bar of your iPhone browser.
  2. Select the export icon in your footer bar (arrow leaving a rectangle) and choose the "To home screen" icon in the pop-up menu. Done.
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