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Streaming: Where to choose language versions and subtitles?

  • As soon as the movie starts on your device, you will see a gear symbol for the settings in the lower right corner of your image window: Click on it, select the language and subtitle, click on the movie frame to make the menu disappear.
  • Speciality Chromecast: If you transfer the movie from your laptop, tablet or smartphone to your TV using Google Chromecast (see instructions below), first start the chromecast streaming and then select the language and subtitles.

Streaming: from mobile devices to the big screen

  • Apple devices: With AirPlay from Apple TV
  • Connect Apple TV to your TV with an HDMI cable
  • Make sure that the box is logged into the same WLAN network as the Apple device you use to stream cinefile films. Use the Safari browser for this purpose.
  • Click on the AirPlay symbol in the lower right corner of your cinefile browser window. Done!

Attention: With the symbols audio and cc you can select the available language and subtitle versions at any time. To end the transmission, click on the AirPlay symbol again.
Caution: Apple TVs of the 3rd generation and older can only transfer the picture but no subtitles to the TV, as Apple no longer offers updates of the current TV IOS operating system for these devices.

  • Windows and Android devices: With Google Chromecast
  • Connect your chromecast plug to the television with an HDMI cable.
  • Make sure that Chromecast is connected to the same WLAN network as your laptop, tablet or smartphone with which you stream cinefile films. Use only the Chrome browser.
  • In your cinefile browser window, click on the chromecast symbol in the lower right corner and select your chromecast connector under the name you have defined. Done!

Attention: Only select the language version and subtitles after activating your Chromecast connection. To end the transmission click again on the chromecast symbol. In the Android app the Chromecast connection is currently still missing. When casting with your Android device, please go directly to our mobile website.

What is cinefile?

Cinefile is a trilingual film portal that combines all the information on Switzerland's cinema programme with a curated streaming offer:

  • CINEMA: The complete programme of all Swiss cinemas, from the multiplex halls to the art-house cinemas and open airs. All films with summaries, trailers, ratings and short reviews, clearly arranged or filtered according to your preferences, optionally also in your personal watch list.
  • STREAMING: A selection of the best new movies for single rental, continuously updated with reprises, classics and short films, all in HD and original version with freely selectable subtitles, mostly also in German or French dubbed versions. In addition: Stream99, the flat-rate subscription that bundles 99 of the most popular feature films every year.
  • BONUS: Meetings, video essays, live interviews, portraits for all streaming movies.

Why CINEMA & Streaming on one plattform?

  • Because almost everyone who loves the cinema is streaming today and the biggest streaming fans are still the most loyal cinema audience.
  • Because we constantly missed many of the best films in the cinema and never found them at Netflix & Co.
  • Because there is always too much of everything in the cinema and streaming jungle and we need overview and class instead of mass.


  • Our free, ad-supported cinema guide creates order and bundles practical tools for quickly choosing the right film.
  • Our streaming library separates the wheat from the chaff and contains only what we think is worth a single rental, whether art house or mainstream, classic or new indie cinema.
  • Our affordable flatrate subscription Stream99 offers an even more rigorous selection of choices.

Register or subscribe to STREAM99?

The basic registration at cinefile is free of charge and guarantees that you will receive the weekly newsletter with cinema and streaming tips and that your personal settings are always up-to-date on all devices.

After the free trial period, the flat rate subscription Stream99 costs CHF 9 per month/CHF 72.- per year (special price valid until 30 June 2021). In addition to 1-2 selected feature films per week, it offers ad-free access to the site and bonus material for all streaming films. You can find an overview of the services here.


can cinefile be given as a gift?

Yes, we carry gift vouchers of 25 and 50 francs or for the annual subscription Stream99 for the current special price of 72 francs (offer valid until 30 June 2021). You can order them by clicking on the red bar at the top of the site.

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