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Ruben Östlund - Sweden - 2014

A perfect Swedish family’s skiing trip in the French Alps seems to be going just fine. But on day two, disaster strikes: The brunchers on the resort’s terrace think they’re witnessing a ‘controlled avalanche’, but when the snow sliding towards them gets too close for comfort, the crowd panics. Scarpering to save his own skin, dad Tomas left his family behind. The anticipated disaster failed to occur, and yet the family's world has been shaken to its core, a question mark hanging over the father in particular.


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TRASH HEROES: Films on environmental issues

Trash Hero World is a Swiss NGO looking for new solutions to the global waste problem on land and water. In recent years, Trash Hero World has won more than 100,000 volunteers for clean-up activities worldwide.
Our revenues from these films go 100% to Trash Hero World.

Jeremy Irons guides you through the global garbage dump and shows you solutions.
New ideas and initiatives on the way to a human and environmentally compatible economy.
Il était une forêt
The magic and ingenious ecology of the rainforest.
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