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Wes Anderson, 2012 c7.8

Set on an island off the coast of New England in the summer of 1965, Moonrise Kingdom tells the story of two twelve-year-olds who fall in love, make a secret pact and run away into the wilderness. As various authorities try to hunt them down, a violent storm is brewing off-shore – and the peaceful island community is turned upside down in more ways than anyone can handle.

Maren Ade, 2016 c7.4

Winfried is a charming music teacher with a social consciousness, and a penchant for silly jokes. His daughter Ines, on the other hand, is an ambitious career woman. When the father appears unannounced in the lobby of her company in Bucharest, Ines tries to grin and bear it. But because of his jokes and the subliminal criticism of her lifestyle, the two inevitably soon start to quarrel.

A multi-layered and ingenious comedy about a father-daughter relationship and at the same time about modern capitalism, which is sometimes serious, sometimes bitter and sometimes really funny.

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Mikhaël Hers, France, 2018
with Vincent Lacoste, Isaure Multrier c7.1

David is in his twenties and lives in the moment: Juggling a variety of odd jobs, he keeps putting off – just for a little while longer – making serious life decisions. But this relaxed form of existence is thrown into turmoil when David's older sister is brutally murdered and David is put in charge of his seven-year-old niece Amanda.

Christian PetzoldGermany 2012 c7.1
Der Staat gegen Fritz Bauer
Lars KraumeGermany 2015 c7.1



French directors, Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, born respectively in 1973 and 1971.

They began with Les Petits Souliers (1999 ), selected for the Clermont-Ferrand Festival. In 2004, Gérard Depardieu joined Jean-Paul Rouve for their first feature film Je préfère qu'on reste amis . They then adapted their short film Ces Jours Heureux (2002) , which became the success of Nos Jours Heureux, and in 2009 released the social comedy Tellement Proches. In 2011, the global untouchable phenomenon, which brings together François Cluzet and Omar Sy, made 1'445'774 entries in Switzerland. The film was nominated for the Golden Globes, the BAFTAs and won the Goya for best European film, Omar Sy was named Best Actor at the César. In 2014, they met him again for Samba, a dramatic comedy with Charlotte Gainsbourg. In 2017, Le Sens de la Fête, a comedy lead by Jean-Pierre Bacri, won 10 César nominations. In 2019, Hors Normes, presented at Cannes as part of the Official Selection, features Vincent Cassel and Reda Kateb. Photo©Gareth Cattermole GettyImages 



Remix YouTube by Lord Jeremy

In Bonnie Scotland (1935) Laurel & Hardy were hired to collect garbage. Demonstration of their dance steps.


Old love eight times different

Old couples and love for time, conflictual and harmonious

Mr. Turner
Mike Leigh, 2014
How old sourpuss Turner got under the hood after all.
Michael Haneke, 2012
How a lifelong couple struggles with sickness and death.
The Leisure Seeker
Paolo Virzì, 2018
A last trip and obstacle course to life stations
Immer und ewig
Fanny Bräuning, 2018
In spite of heavy handicap again in pairs on and of it
Paolo Sorrentino, 2015
Outside old and grey, the youth never fades inwardly
The Sense of an Ending
Ritesh Batra, 2017
When a great love appears late again
Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool
Paul McGuigan, 2017
An affectionate young lover as last consolation

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