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Our addition to the «Take 1/3/5» subscription

Our flexible new  streaming subscription take "1/3/5" went viral over the holidays. Now we're expanding: From now on, Take subscribers can watch every movie for five minutes for free.

From now on, our Take subscribers can watch every streaming movie for five minutes for free as a trial. If they decide not to watch the film, their monthly credit will not be deducted.
This new rule also applies to all films that our subscribers rent individually after they have used up their monthly allotment.
This makes subscribing even more worthwhile. Did we already tell you? Please spread the word. We deliberately forego large advertising budgets and prefer to invest in good films. Your satisfaction is our capital. In modern terms, you are our "influencers. Influence us well! And tell us more about, what you do not like. We promise to see what we can do.

PS: We are aware: The change from rehearsal minutes to film rental is still a bit too cumbersome. An optimized process will follow soon.


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Lila Ribi, Switzerland, 2022
with Greti Aebi, Lila Ribi

What happens after death? For years, Lila Ribi films her 100-year-old grandmother Greti. She always has the same answer to Lila's question: There is nothing after death. The filmmaker sees things differently. She sets off on a journey, finds other perspectives and ultimately no answer. But the certainty that love in life outlasts death.

Maurice Pialat, France 1983, 95' c7.2
Jean-Christophe Meurisse, France 2021, 105' c6.4
Leyla Bouzid, France 2021, 102' c6.7
Vincent Maël Cardona, France 2021, 98' c6.5
Anaïs Volpé, France 2021, 99' c6.8
Céline Pernet, Switzerland 2022, 80' c6.8
Sandra Gysi, Switzerland 2021, 79' c6.4
Cyril Dion, France 2021, 105' c7.0



All English? No, it's French!Why the national film promotion agency Unifrance is launching its festival under the English title "My French Film Festival" is beyond our knowledge. Be that as it may, the pre-selection seemed interesting to us, and we have narrowed it down to five auteur films, all of which are free of the hysteria of some Gallic mainstream comedies and instead tell catchy stories about different sensitivities of contemporary French society. As a detour into the world of yesterday, we have the Pialat/Bonnaire classic A nos amours from 1983 - we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of similarly timed Rohmer gems such as Conte d'été in our collection.
Grab our new discount subscription Take5 and see (almost) the whole package for CHF 17.50. Oui, c'est à moitié offert, in Germanic: halb geschenkt! All films are available in original version with German subtitles, in one case with English subtitles, and can be rented until February 12, screened until February 15.
There is a jury, a press and an audience award for the festival.  Here is the link to the audience voting.

Enjoy the films!
Team cinefile

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Our Streaming Favorites 2022

Six favorite movies of Stefanie, Moritz, Ondine & Andreas

Everything Everywhere All at Once
Daniel Scheinert, Daniel Kwan, 2022
With 11 nominations, deservedly already a small winner.
Competencia Oficial
Gastón Duprat, Mariano Cohn, 2021
A star director works off two opposing acting cracks and schools: madcap fun filled to the brim with insider gags for film buffs.
Drive My Car
Ryusuke Hamaguchi, 2021
How an established director and his young chaffeuse find themselves in conversation: as enigmatic as Kore-eda (<Shoplifters>) and perhaps even more cleverly told.
Daniel Roher, 2022
Nominated for Best Documentary: The Portrait of the Imprisoned Russian Oppositionist.
The Worst Person in the World
Joachim Trier, 2021
A young woman finds her footing in life through a new love and self-deprecating reflection: the most cheerful and charming feel-good movie of the last cinema and the current streaming year.
C'mon C'mon
Mike Mills, 2021
A touching film about a radio journalist's relationship with his nephew in beautiful black and white.

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cinefile - The Swiss streaming alternative

cinefile is the streaming service for lovers of international and Swiss arthouse and independent movies. Three years after its launch, the online platform already offers more than 650 films, including over 200 Swiss productions. The streaming selection ranges from upscale entertainment to rigorous art films. The platform is curated by proven film experts. "The basic idea of cinefile", says founder Andreas Furler, "is that we provide what we never found at Netflix & Co: Films that were still showing in art house cinemas, as well as reprises and classics. Even the distinction between arthouse and mainstream does not bother us, as long as we like a movie. We do not compromise on quality. We don't want to offer as many films as possible for streaming on cinefile, but as good as possible ones. Class instead of mass, that's our motto."

Streaming in single rental without subscription obligation

The film selection is still growing continuously, as it is constantly supplemented by the best new feature films as well as selected reprises, classics, documentaries and short films. Almost all films are available for single rental with the Basic registration without any subscription obligation. The movies are all available in HD with selectable subtitles, some of them also in German or French dubbed versions, and streaming is easy: If you have deposited a credit card, each new film is available at the click of a button. With the AirPlay function of Apple TV or a Chromecast plug, you can also stream the films easily on your big TV screen. Streaming on cinefile is only possible in Switzerland and Liechtenstein for licensing reasons.

Stream99: The best films with an attractive streaming subscription

One of the unique features of cinefile is the Stream99 subscription. It bundles 99 of the best and most popular films into a collection that can be watched in a monthly or annual subscription for 9.90 or 99 francs respectively. Every week 1-2 new films are added to the Stream99 library, while the oldest films are dropped, so that the selection is constantly renewed. However, since the newest movies are not available for streaming flatrate offers, Stream99 subscribers of course also have the possibility to stream movies in single rental and thus access the complete online collection of cinefile. Conversely, as a small thank you to our Stream99 subscribers, individual films are available exclusively in Stream99. At the moment, these include two classics by Abbas Kiarostami and a cycle of documentaries by Agnès Varda. Some other Stream99 highlights: "The Rider" by Oscar winner Chloé Zhao ("Nomadland"), "Memories of Murder" and "Mother" by Oscar winner Bong Joon-ho ("Parasite") as well as "Molly's Game" by Aaron Sorkin. You can find the whole overview here.

Bonus material à discrétion

One of the special features of cinefile is the bonus material that accompanies all streaming films online and helps to classify them: short reviews and in-depth reviews, video essays, live interviews or portraits and background analyses in written and cinematic form. These trouvailles from the worldwide web of cinéphilie are compiled by our editorial team with the same effort and verve as the films themselves. 

A wide range of genres and selection criteria

On the streaming platform cinefile, we offer a wide selection of genres: Dramas, comedies, crime and thrillers, documentaries and children's films, westerns or science fiction.... To make your choice easier, we developed a filter system that allows you not only to select genres, but also to narrow it down according to other criteria such as the country of origin or the languages of a film: the sophisticated "film finder"! In your personal watchlist which is structured according to current cinema films and streaming films you can addionally mark as many films as you like.

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