Cinefile events and new features

New: Discounts at partner cinemas

With the cinefile premium subscription you get a reduction of CHF 2.50 to  CHF 5.00 per ticket at our current partner cinemas in Zurich, Lucerne and Geneva. We are trying to extend this offer to other cities. Premium subscribers find the list of current partner cinemas by clicking on their name in the menu bar: Choose your favourite cinema and upload a personal photo. In order to get your personal ID, go to and click on your photo in the the menue bar. The ID serves as your identification card at the box office.


Using cinefile becomes even easier

We have reworked and rearranged all the dialog boxes we use to guide you through registering, subscribing, redeeming coupons, etc. As of 11 March, you can contact a support service is available. As a registered user or subscriber, you will now find your cinefile ID in the top right-hand corner of the menu bar, where you can call up your profile and change your personal settings at any time.


Stream with Firefox or Chrome

Cinefile is continuously optimized for the web browsers Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. For streaming, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome even on Apple devices.

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