Les deux Anglaises et le continent

François Truffaut, France, 1971o


At the beginning of the 20th century, Claude Roc, a young middle-class Frenchman meets in Paris Ann Brown, a young Englishwoman. They become friends and Ann invites him to spend holidays at the house where she lives with her mother and her sister Muriel, for whom she intends Claude. During these holidays, Claude, Ann and Muriel become very close and he gradually falls in love with Muriel. But both families lay down a one-year-long separation without any contact before agreeing to the marriage. So Claude goes back to Paris when he has many love affairs before sending Muriel a break-off letter...


Movie Datao

Other titles
Zwei Mädchen aus Wales und die Liebe zum Kontinent DE
Two English Girls EN
Romance, Drama
Running time
130 Min.
Original languages
English, French

Cast & Crewo

Jean-Pierre LéaudClaud Roc
Kika MarkhamAnn Brown
Stacey TendeterMuriel Brown
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