Lettre à Freddy Buache

Jean-Luc Godard, Switzerland, 1982o


Godard addresses an audiovisual letter to Freddy Buache. He films Lausanne and talks of what cinema is: the light, the movements and the colors.

Freddy Buache, who passed away on May 28 and was known as “the greatest rebel of Swiss cinema”, ran the Cinémathèque suisse from 1951 to 1996 and served as co-Director of the Locarno Film Festival with Sandro Bianconi from 1966 to 1970. After writing that Breathless (1960) represented “the fascist arrogance of the French New Wave”, he became an ardent defender of Godard’s work in the 1970s, and the filmmaker wrote him a letter about cinema on the occasion of a commission of the City of Lausanne.

Lili Hinstin


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Letter to Freddy Buache DE
Letter to Freddy Buache EN
Documentary , Drama
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11 Min.
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Jean-Luc GodardHimself
Jean-Luc GodardDirected by
Jean-Luc GodardScreenplay
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