Wild Tales

Damián Szifrón, Argentina, Spain, 2014o


Too often humiliated, too violently insulted, too unjustly or just too patronizingly treated: These six episodes about normal people seeing red are about the destructive dynamic of anger that we are all capable of if we are treated with enough. When two car drivers in the Argentine outback fight each other, a victim of corruption in Buenos Aires wants to get his rights at all costs or a cheated bride unhinges her own wedding we know that things get out ouf hand and may end in self-destruction. At the same time we share the weird feeling of satisfaction of those mad men and women and the director's dark humour.

Comedy seldom travels well from one culture to another, but from the first, pre-credits episode of this engaging if uneven satire highlighting humanity's more basic instincts, it's clear the young Argentine writer-director Damián Szifron has a knack for latching on to ideas and characters with a humorous dimension that is pretty universal. (...) The first three episodes are undoubtedly the most amusing, but the final three also have interesting things to say about the psychological and moral health of contemporary Argentina – and, of course, much of the rest of the world.

Geoff Andrew

Dieser irrwitzige Reigen über Leute, die rot sehen, startete von Cannes aus seinen Triumphzug durch das Weltkino. Alle sechs Episoden handeln vom Verhältnisblödsinn, zu dem wir in eskalierenden Situationen neigen, nicht alle sind und enden gleich groteks oder gut. Doch allen glaubt man den Einfluss der Almodóvar-Brüder anzumerken, die den argentinischen Wonderboy Damian Szifrón hier als Produzenten coachten: einfallsreiche Kameraarbeit, coole Dialoge und ein fabelhafter Cast. Ein entspannendes Vergnügen für Leute mit schwarzem Humor.

Andreas Furler

Méchant, décapant, hilarant : ce film à sketches est une réussite totale, grâce à un scénario original, cathartique et jouissif, une tension qui ne retombe jamais, des personnages en lâcher-prise.

Stéphanie Belpêche

Un premier film aussi troublant que jubilatoire, qui décortique les mécanismes de la vengeance jusqu’à l’absurde.

Ted Hardy-Carnac


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Movie Datao

Original title
Relatos salvajes
Other titles
Wild Tales: Jeder dreht mal durch! DE
Les nouveaux sauvages FR
Drama, Crime/Thriller, Comedy
Running time
122 Min.
Original language
ØYour rating8.2/10
IMDB user:
8.1 (197176)
8.3 (41)
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Cast & Crewo

Ricardo DarínSimon Fisher
Leonardo SbaragliaDiego
Darío GrandinettiSalgado


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