Child's Play

Lars Klevberg, USA, 2019o


When young Andy is given a doll for his birthday, he has no idea that it's inhabitated by the spirit of a serial killer. In the reboot of the horror classic from 1988, Chucky is a high-tech toy with novel artificial intelligence.

A non-cynical reboot of the entire franchise, “Child’s Play” is still a bit wonky with its albeit ridiculous premise, but consider this movie beyond any allegiance to earlier versions of this tale—this “Child’s Play” is nastier, more playful, and just as good if not better than the original film.

Nick Allen

Chucky, die Mörderpuppe, wurde für das Remake neu interpretiert: Nicht mehr der Geist eines Serienkillers, sondern kapitalistische Ausbeutung fordert Tote. Auch sonst hat die Horrorkomödie einige clevere Twists. Und Mark Hamill ist teuflisch witzig als Stimme von Chucky.


Dans la série des Chucky, désormais composée de huit volets, ce «Child’s Play» est un reboot du tout premier, originellement signé par Tom Holland et sorti en 1988. Ces précisions mises à part, cette nouvelle mouture redessine non sans humour les motifs d’un premier degré horrifique dont les ressorts continuent de fonctionner.

Pascal Gavillet


Movie Datao

Other titles
Child's Play : La poupée du mal FR
Horror, Comedy
Running time
120 Min.
Original language
ØYour rating5.9/10
IMDB user:
5.9 (29279)
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Cast & Crewo

Mark HamillChucky (voice)
Aubrey PlazaKaren Barclay
Brian Tyree HenryDetective Mike Norris
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