Katoey - The women we are

Stefan Jung, Switzerland, 2018o


A katoey is a woman in a man's body. While this third gender is tolerated in northeast Thailand, these women still have to fight for respect. The film takes us to a place where traditional categories don't apply, where we meet people who have found their identity between the poles of male and female. These women show us what it means to accept oneself fully and that the “other” within us is exactly what makes us all human.

Regisseur Stefan Jung lässt nur die drei Katoey zu Wort kommen. Sie erzählen von ihren Erfahrungen, die zwar durchwegs positiv sind, aber doch eine tiefe Einsamkeit aufdecken, die traurig stimmt und berührt.

Murièle Weber


Movie Datao

Other titles
Documentary , LGBT
Running time
71 Min.
Original language

Cast & Crewo

Stefan JungDirected by
Stefan JungScreenplay
Stefan JungDirector of photography
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