La fille au bracelet

Stéphane Demoustier, France, Belgium, 2019o


Following the death of her best friend, 16-year-old Lise, member of a wealthy middle-class family, comes under investigation for murder. As her parents deal with the accusations in different ways, Lise is required to account for a way of life that doesn’t always comply with the morality approved of by the justice system.

“I love you” means nothing. Everyone says “I love you”. A young girl called to the witness stand casually drops these disarmingly simple words that are enough to give one chills. That is a recurring feeling throughout this unusually precise courtroom drama, where words and their power are at the center of attention. In this case, the legal proceedings become the ritual of a society putting its own youth on trial.

Victor Bournérias

Avec un film aussi réaliste que haletant, Stéphane Demoustier offre à la justice française la fiction qui lui manquait.

Pierre Charpilloz

Le film français brille par la rigueur de son écriture (les audiences en cours d’assises sont des blocs solides) et par l’intelligence de sa direction artistique.

Jean-Sébastien Massart

La fille au bracelet remplit son office : il est une chronique judiciaire efficace, mystérieuse et source de questionnements, qui amène le spectateur à faire ses propres choix.

Rémi Waldung


Variety, 8/7/2019
All rights reserved Variety. Provided by Variety Archiv
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All rights reserved The Hollywood Reporter. Provided by The Hollywood Reporter Archiv
Interview de Stéphane et Anaïs Demoustier
/ Le Quotidien du Cinema
fr / 1/30/2020 / 8‘01‘‘

Présentation du film á Locarno
/ Locarno International Film Festival
fr / 8/7/2019 / 7‘21‘‘

Über den realen Fall Amanda Knox
/ ZDF Info
de / 3/4/2016 / 44‘07‘‘

Über elektronische Fußfesseln
de / 7/5/2017 / 1‘26‘‘

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The Girl with a Bracelet EN
Drama, Crime/Thriller
Running time
95 Min.
Original language
ØYour rating6.6/10
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6.8 (466)
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Cast & Crewo

Melissa GuersLise
Chiara MastroianniCéline
Anaïs DemoustierL'avocat général


Interview de Stéphane et Anaïs Demoustier
Le Quotidien du Cinema, fr , 8‘01‘‘
Présentation du film á Locarno
Locarno International Film Festival, fr , 7‘21‘‘
Über den realen Fall Amanda Knox
ZDF Info, de , 44‘07‘‘
Über elektronische Fußfesseln
FAZ, de , 1‘26‘‘
Review Variety
Guy Lodge
Review The Hollywood Reporter
Jordan Mintzer
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