João Nicolau, Portugal, France, 2019o


Luís Rovisco, divorced and well into his sixties, is hoping to retire soon from his job. Until that happens, he’s still roaming the country carrying out his tasks as sales director. And behind the wheel of his car, he always sings about what he sees along the way. Quick on the draw and with a ready smile, his years of experience allow him to gracefully avoid the traps that technology, his coworkers and a mysteriously absent boss keep setting on his path. But before Lucinda, the receptionist at Almadrava Hotel, he finds himself singing to a different tune.

Few characters linger on in memory like Luís, a technician at the end of his career, who is an essential element in the routine between work and family, despite his ineptitude at solving flaws in obsolete technology. A comic and melancholy operetta, mixing metal and a-cappella chants, in a surrealist crescendo leading to the sweetest of endings. A film able to face the end of an era with a smile on its face.

Daniela Persico


Movie Datao

Music/Dance, Comedy, Romance
Running time
112 Min.
Original languages
Portuguese, English
ØYour rating6.1/10
IMDB user:
6.1 (56)
< 10 votes
6.1 (8) q

Cast & Crewo

Luísa CruzLucinda Sousa
Miguel Lobo AntunesLuís Rovisco
Américo SilvaRicardo Teixeira
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