Douze Mille

Nadège Trebal, France, 2019o


Frank is fired from a car repair workshop where he works illegally. The area where he lives is the slum belt. Although very attached to his life with Maroussia, Frank must leave to find work elsewhere, far from home. €12,000 is the sum on which they both agree: the amount he must earn before returning. But will Frank succeed in collecting this sum and then come back?

How often does a film make the connection between two people so vivid that you can feel the chemistry as if you were in the room? And how many movies are honest about money, labor and the impact of exploitation on our sexuality? Trebal’s breathtakingly sensual and political fiction debut does all that and more, reaching beyond the present to attain a mythological dimension without ever losing sight of the struggles of contemporary life.

Nicholas Elliott


Movie Datao

Other titles
Zwölftausen DE
Twelve Thousand EN
Running time
111 Min.
Original languages
French, Spanish
ØYour rating5.2/10
IMDB user:
4.9 (26)
< 10 votes
6.0 (10) q

Cast & Crewo

Arieh Worthalter
Nadège Trébal
Liv Henneguier
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