Cuba, la révolution et le monde – Les Combattants

Mick Gold , Delphine Jaudeau, France, UK, 2019o


This two-part documentary, a co-production of the European TV channels Arte and BBC, recounts the history of the Cuban revolution, the fifty years of Fidel Castro's rule and his claim to carry the revolution out into the world. From Cuban top diplomats to Russian secret service agents and former US President Bill Cllinton, numerous contemporary witnesses who supported or fought the revolution have their say. They provide insights into audacious operations and secret negotiations of the past and show how the small Caribbean island tried to turn the world order upside down. The first part, Combattants/Fighters, covers the three decades from 1959 until the collapse of the Soviet Union, during which Castro dreamed of «many Vietnams» and sent his troops to Africa, Central and South America.


Le Monde, 12/2/2019
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Other titles
Kuba im globalen Spiel – Kämpfer DE
Castro's Revolution vs. The World – Fighters EN
Documentary , Period piece
Running time
55 Min.
Original languages
Spanish, English, Russian
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7.3 (39)
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Mick Gold Directed by
Delphine JaudeauDirected by
Éric Neveux Music


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