Cuba, la révolution et le monde - Les Diplomates

Mick Gold , Delphine Jaudeau, France, UK, 2019o


The second part of this major historical outline by BBC and Arte on behalf of the sixtieth anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and its claim to world historical influence begins in 1991, when Cuba had to re-fund and reorient itself after the fall of its great Soviet Russian brother, found new resources in Venezuelan oil and a new ally in Hugo Chavez. Nurses and doctors sent around the world now replaced the Cuban troop and arms exports of the Cold War and were to carry the message of the small Caribbean island's capabilities to the world. At the same time, waves of refugees heading for the USA undermined the noble image of the triumph of socialist justice over capitalist bondage.


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Other titles
Kuba im globalen Spiel – Diplomaten DE
Castro's Revolution vs. The World – Diplomats EN
Documentary , Period piece
Running time
55 Min.
Original languages
Spanish, English, Russian
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7.3 (39)
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Cast & Crewo

Mick Gold Directed by
Delphine JaudeauDirected by
Éric Neveux Music
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