Comrade Draculich

Márk Bodzsár, Hungary, 2019o


BITING COMMUNIST COMEDY | The Secret Service think one of the heroes of the Cuban revolution might be a vampire. They assign two spies on the case to solve the mystery. Garlic, rock'n'roll and laughter are on the menu.


The film

During the Cold War, Maria and her boyfriend Laci, of the Hungarian secret service, must keep a hero of the Cuban revolution under surveillance as he participates in a blood donation campaign. Strangely enough, the proud comrade Fábián has not aged a day in 20 years. To discover his secret, Maria is tasked with keeping a very close eye on him, which makes Laci worried his own masculinity is being eclipsed by that of the revolutionary rockstar with flamboyant tastes and sharp canines…

Cut-rate spies and blood-thirsty seducer – COMRADE DRACULICH explores the depths of humanity in the form of a colourful psychological satire. The film’s elaborate visuals incite us to travel instantly to an imagined version of the East block of yesteryear. Subverting stereotypes with an avalanche of gags, COMRADE DRACULICH will no doubt be the biting and irreverent black comedy of the year.

The director

As soon as he graduated from his school in Budapest, Márk Bodzsár directed his first feature film in 2013 with HEAVENLY SHIFT, a cynical comedy about the adventures of first responders willing to let their patients die for money. COMRADE DRACULICH forges ahead and confirms the director’s preference for pathetic and touching characters, who fall victim to their own weaknesses and grotesques situations (often spiced up with a few drops of blood).

Selected filmography

2007 – DECAMERON 2007 (segment: “Bloody Mary”)

2009 – TO BREATH IN (short)

2010 – EAST SIDE STORIES (segment: “The Other Side”)




Movie Datao

Original title
Drakulics elvtárs
Comedy, Fantasy
Running time
95 Min.
Original languages
Hungarian, Vietnamese, Russian
ØYour rating7.6
IMDB user:
7.6 (64)
< 3 votes

Cast & Crewo

Zsolt NagyFábián elvtárs
Nagy ErvinKun László
Lili WaltersMagyar Mária
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