Breaking Surface

Joachim Hedén, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, 2020o


ICY UNDERWATER SURVIVAL | It’s winter in Norway, and two sisters find themselves trapped by rocks in the ocean depths. As their oxygen levels keep going down, they must race against time for their survival.



The film

A few days after Christmas, stepsisters Ida and Tuva go scuba diving in the isolated fjords of Norway. Nothing better than sports and nature to sort out family disputes and burn all the holiday calories, right? Unfortunately, the outing turns into an ordeal when Tuva becomes trapped under water. No time to lose for Ida: she must find a way to save her sister before hypothermia strikes and her oxygen bottles die out.

Let us give you one piece of advice: take a deep breath before watching BREAKING SURFACE! This underwater claustrophobic thriller will take you well beyond the edge of your seat. The stripped-down story efficiently introduces the two women before plunging them into a nerve-wracking nightmare. This race against time is elevated by the majestic landscapes and intense performances from both actresses, whose physical feats will dazzle you.

The director

Born in 1967 in the Uppland region of Sweden, Joachim Hedén is a director, screenwriter, and photographer. In 2006, his first film, the romance NEW YORK WAITING, was selected at the prestigious Tribeca festival. Then came the drama FRAMILY in 2010, critically acclaimed for its script and acting performances. With BREAKING SURFACE, Joachim Hedén plunges headfirst into genre cinema with an underwater thriller filmed around the Lofoten islands and in the massive water tank of the Belgian studios of Lites.

Selected filmography


2010 – FRAMILY

2014 – 10 000 TIMMAR



Movie Datao

Crime/Thriller, Drama
Running time
82 Min.
Original languages
Swedish, Norwegian
ØYour rating7.1
IMDB user:
7.1 (58)
< 3 votes

Cast & Crewo

Moa GammelIda
Madeleine MartinTuva
Trine WiggenAnne
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