Wer wir waren

Marc Bauder, Germany, 2021o


A cinematic essay - inspired by the book "who we were" by Roger Willemsen With Alexander Gerst (astronaut), Sylvia Earle (deep sea researcher), Mathieu Ricard (buddhist monk), Dennis Snower (economist), Felwine Sarr (philosopher) und Janina Loh (critical post- humanist). We may think that we're simply not capable of understanding the increasingly complex problems of our planet, but for these charismatic scientists, that's not enough. Whether it's on the top of the world, in the depths of the ocean, inside the human brain, at the G-20 summit, or in the heart of the International Space Station ISS, they are searching for practical ways to save our world. Considering their drive, we have to ask ourselves if, we as citizens of the planet, are finally ready to take on responsibility - if only for the sake of those who will come after us and ask: "WHO WE WERE"?


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Who We Were EN
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115 Min.
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German, English, French
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6.9 (17)
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Marc BauderDirected by
Marc BauderScreenplay
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