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Piedra Sola

Alejandro Telémaco Tarraf, Argentina, UK, Qatar, Mexico, 2020o


The hamlet of Condor lies in the Puna grasslands of the northern highlands of Argentina, at some four thousand metres above sea level, close to the border with Bolivia. Here, a lama herder lives with his family. He and his son sell lama meat and wool in the closest city, which is still a long trip on foot and by bus. When the herd is threatened by a puma, the herder goes in search of the predator. According to local custom, he has to make an offering to the beast.


Movie Datao

Other titles
Lonely Rock EN
Documentary , Drama
Running time
82 Min.
Original languages
Spanish, Quechua
ØYour rating6.8/10
IMDB user:
6.8 (77)
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< 3 votes q

Cast & Crewo

Lucía Bautista
Leonardo Castillo
Walter Gimenez
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