Indes galantes

Philippe Béziat, France, 2020o


Stéphane Lissner, director of the Paris Opera, entrusts the staging of the opera-ballet Les Indes galantes to the visual artist Clément Cogitore. Based on the experience of his short film Les Indes galantes, the artist updates Jean-Philippe Rameau's baroque masterpiece (1735) by bringing together lyric song and urban dance. The choreography is entrusted to Bintou Dembélé who supervises dancers from krump, popping, voguing or even experimental hip hop. From rehearsals to the Premiere, Philippe Béziat films the meeting of urban dancers with the lyric institution and invites the spectator to share a human and artistic experience.

Le plus beau, dans ce long métrage galvanisant, c’est la fusion qui s’opère sous nos yeux entre les danseurs de popping, de flexing, de voguing… et les chanteurs lyriques.

Marie Sauvion

Bien plus qu’un making of, une œuvre politique revigorante sur l’importance du geste artistique et de la diversité dans la vie de la cité.

Nicolas Schaller


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108 Min.
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Clément Cogitore
Philippe BéziatDirected by
Henry-Pierre RosamondEditing
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