Triangle of Sadness

Ruben Östlund, Sweden, Germany, France, 2022o


After a bitter dispute over money, model Carl and influencer Yaya are invited on a cruise for the super-rich, whose captain is holed up in his cabin, permanently drunk, while the crew reads every conceivable wish from the eyes of the passengers with an eye on the big tip. When a storm hits during the captain's dinner, things get out of hand.

At first glance, the Palm Award-winning and triple Oscar-nominated new film by Swedish social critic Ruben Östlund (The Square) looks like a rather simple satire on the class society that one encounters on luxury cruisers, so it is said: there the rich creeps and bozos, there the studious crew, and in between a young couple in a small circle. But if you only see the film that way, you miss its quintessence. The comprehensively insane hustle and bustle is a modern allegory, a play on meaning about the insanity of consumer society, which sails insatiably and without leadership to its doom and is kept happy by a profit-hungry crew, the economy. After the sinking, the remnants of shipwrecked humanity promptly start anew full of good intentions ... Delightful front and back cinema full of outbursts against slavering profiteers, slobbering couples and poisonous ideologies. In short: a stroke of genius.

Andreas Furler

Palme d’or à Cannes, le film de Ruben Östlund rentre dans le lard du politiquement correct à l’aide de dialogues et situations féroces. Et ce tout en soignant la mise en scène : avec Östlund, on a toujours droit à du grand cinéma.

La Rédaction

Feu sur le politiquement correct. Haro sur le fric roi. Assez de la tyrannie des apparences. Sa caméra est un lance-flammes. Cette bataille navale réjouit, décoiffe. Le malaise s’installe. Il est savoureux.

Eric Neuhoff

Aussi puissant que The Square, et encore plus corrosif, Sans filtre est un récit étrange et jubilatoire, grand moment de cinéma et d’humour féroce.

Gérard Crespo

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Ruben Östlund breaks down a scene
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La Rédaction / ARTE
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Movie Datao

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Sans filtre FR
Comedy, Drama
Running time
148 Min.
Original language
Important Awards
Cannes 2022: Golden Palm; European Film Prize 2022: Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor (Zlatko Burić)
ØYour rating7.5/10
IMDB user:
7.3 (174985)
8.3 (38)
7.5 (6) q

Cast & Crewo

Harris DickinsonCarl
Charlbi DeanYaya
Zlatko BurićDimitry


Ruben Östlund breaks down a scene
The New York Times, en , 03‘31‘‘
Interview Ruben Östlund • Director of Triangle of Sadness
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Conversation avec Ruben Östlund autour du film "Triangle of Sadness"
ARTE, en , 6‘46‘‘
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