James Cameron, USA, 1997o


25 years after Titanic shattered all box-office records, James Cameron and Paramount are at it again. With new image technology, improved sound and in 3D, the film returns to the big screen. The story meanwhile remains the same. While a forbidden love affair is brewing between the penniless Jack and the wealthy Rose, the Titanic is heading straight for an iceberg.

Titanic has all of the thrills and intensity that movie-goers have come to expect from James Cameron. A dazzling mix of style and substance, of the sublime and the spectacular. It's important not to let the running time hold you back -- these three-plus hour pass very quickly. Although this telling of the Titanic story is far from the first, it is the most memorable, and is deserving of Oscar nominations not only in the technical categories, but in the more substantive ones of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress.

James Berardelli


Movie Datao

Drama, Romance
Running time
194 Min.
Original languages
English, French, German, Swedish, Italian, Russian
ØYour rating7.9/10
IMDB user:
7.9 (1270474)
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Cast & Crewo

Kate WinsletRose DeWitt Bukater
Leonardo DiCaprioJack Dawson
Frances FisherRuth Dewitt Bukater
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