Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Peter Weir, USA, 2003o


After an abrupt and violent encounter with a French warship inflicts severe damage upon his ship, a captain of the British Royal Navy begins a chase over two oceans to capture or destroy the enemy, though he must weigh his commitment to duty and ferocious pursuit of glory against the safety of his devoted crew, including the ship's thoughtful surgeon, his best friend.

Nichts von alledem ist ‚real‘, und dennoch glaubt man jedes Bild. Das ist nicht das Wunder der digitalen Technologie, es ist das Wunder dieses Films. Denn Peter Weir hat sich nicht auf die Computer verlassen. Er hat sich auf die Geschichte verlassen.

Andreas Kilb


Movie Datao

Other titles
Master and Commander - Bis ans Ende der Welt DE
Master and Commander : De l'autre côté du monde FR
Running time
138 Min.
Original languages
French, Portuguese, English
ØYour rating7.5/10
IMDB user:
7.5 (236835)
< 10 votes
< 3 votes

Cast & Crewo

Russell CroweCaptain Jack Aubrey
Paul BettanyDr. Stephen Maturin
James D'Arcy1st Lt. Tom Pullings
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