Ingeborg Bachmann - Reise in die Wüste

Margarethe von Trotta, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, 2023o


Ingeborg Bachmann and Max Frisch meet in Paris in 1958 and plunge into a passionate relationship that takes them to Max Frisch's home on Lake Zurich and to Ingeborg Bachmann's adopted home in Rome. But the liaison is marked by friction and rivalries from the start, especially since Bachmann insists on friendships and amorous freedoms, which awaken in Frisch the jealous and patronizing macho. The rapidly growing conflicts culminate in a separation that Bachmann finds traumatic. Years later, the exhausted author draws new courage at the side of a young admirer on a trip to the desert.


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Other titles
Ingeborg Bachmann – Reise in die Wüste DE
Ingeborg Bachmann – Journey into the Desert EN
Running time
110 Min.
Original languages
German, English, Italian, French
ØYour rating6.1/10
IMDB user:
6.1 (273)
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Cast & Crewo

Vicky KriepsIngeborg Bachmann
Ronald ZehrfeldMax Frisch
Tobias ReschAdolf Opel
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