The Killer

David Fincher, USA, 2023o


A nameless hitman strictly adheres to his personal code, which forbids him any improvisation, but also any emotion. But then a mission in Paris fails, and the killer finds himself on the hit list. On his personal revenge mission he uses all his skills.

A professional hitman must eliminate two things to do a good job: his victim and his conscience. The nameless, stoic and exuberantly silent protagonist of David Fincher's The Killer is such a master of his craft. But then he misses and disaster takes its course. The cult director of such films as Seven and Fight Club is as dry, calculating and perfectionist in his production as his main character, but more on target: the film loosely based on the comic book series of the same name by Matz and Luc Jacamon is a stylistic bravura. Michael Fassbender does almost nothing mimically and gesturally, but does so with great intensity, and Fincher counters his star's underacting with a fatalistic and pointed voice-over in the tradition of film noir. The latter also provides the only insight into the protagonist's soul and borders on genre parody in its lusty exaggeration. The only thing one can accuse this Netflix production of is a certain emptiness of content, the lack of profound statements about society or the evil in man. However, this does not detract from the cinematic divertissement.

Till Brockmann


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Der Killer DE
Running time
118 Min.
Original languages
English, French
ØYour rating6.8/10
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6.8 (125037)
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Cast & Crewo

Michael FassbenderThe Killer
Arliss HowardThe Client - Claybourne
Charles ParnellThe Lawyer - Hodges
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