O Fim do Mundo

Basil Da Cunha, Switzerland, 2019o


After eight years in reformatory, Spira, 18, returns home to Reboleira, a slum of Lisbon. He reunites with his family, childhood friends and rediscovers the young Iara, who has meanwhile become a woman. He tries to regain his place despite a double threat: that of municipal bulldozers that gradually destroy houses, and that of Kikas, the old trafficker in the neighbourhood, who makes him understand that he is not welcome.

In an area facing demolition, Da Cunha casts locals in his film. He glorifies them in their complex humanity, capturing their beauty despite the perverse logic that drives them. By recording their gaze, he gives them a voice. With no hope on the horizon, Spira tries to see beyond it. He moves through the neighborhood like an angel − a dark angel. Staying close to bodies and the glimmer of the night, the film adopts the melancholy pace of the ancient tragedies.

Tizian Büchi


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La fin d'un monde FR
Running time
107 Min.
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7.0 (21)
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Cast & Crewo

Michael Spencer
Marco Joel Fernandes
Alexandre da Costa Fonseca
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