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Siamo italiani
Alexander J. Seiler, Rob Gnant, June Kovach, Switzerland, 1964

With half a million seasonal workers, Italians were by far the largest group of foreigner in Switzerland in the 1960s. They struggled with bureaucratic hurdles, for family reunification, decent housing and against the mistrust of the Swiss population. Siamo italiani was, also internationally, one of the first documentaries on this topic - and also groundbreaking in that it gave both the Italians and the locals the floor without prejudice.

Well Done
Thomas ImbachSwitzerland 1994 c7.2
Reisender Krieger – Director's Cut
Christian SchocherSwitzerland 1981 c7.4
Good Time
Ben SafdieUSA 2017 c7.3
Die Herbstzeitlosen
Bettina OberliSwitzerland 2006 c7.1



*1969 South Korea, director of this year's Cannes winner Parasite

The Golden Palm of Cannes is only the latest glorious leaf in a story that began around 2000. After the Japanese auteur film, the Bollywood and the Hong Kong mainstream, Western film fans then began to discover the originality of the new South Korean cinema, which mixes elements of the entertainment and auteur cinema carefreely. Together with Park Chan-wook, Bong Joon-ho is the most famous banner bearer of this new Korean wave. His thrillers and action films present suspense and spectacle, burlesque comedy and black humour with a socio-critical insight and narrative refinement that are second to none. It is high time that these fireworks full of surprises ignite on a grand scale in this country as well.



Remix YouTube by Lord Jeremy

In Bonnie Scotland (1935) Laurel & Hardy were hired to collect garbage. Demonstration of their dance steps.


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Focus Pedro Almodóvar

In parallel with the release of "DOLOR Y GLORIA"

Based on Almodóvar's latest film: Three essential films from the last 20 years.
Three stories by his favourite author Alice Munro congenially linked and consistently hispanized
His third film with Penélope Cruz, her first leading role with him - and his Golden Palm of Cannes
Complete naturalness in complete artificiality and, thanks to Oscar, his greatest commercial success.

Thanks God it's summer !

A selection of 4 movies to go with your sunny summer

De rouille et d'os
Jacques Audiard, 2012
An extravagant melodrama worn by two actors at the head of their play. A masterpiece!
The Florida Project
Sean Baker, 2017
Incisive portrait of an America of the forgotten. Alive and abundant.
Midnight in Paris
Woody Allen, 2011
A trip to the capital of the 1920s, which sums up the clichés. A Woody Allen at his peak.
Lazzaro felice
Alice Rohrwacher, 2018
A small wonder of poetry sublimated by its timeless photography and the interpretation of its main actor.

Caroline, 40, Geneva, movie lover: "I saw the last Almodovar at the Grütli cinema saving CHF 4- on my ticket; I streamed Cold War and discovered exciting interviews with the Polish director, all thanks to my Cinefile Premium subscription! "

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