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Thomas Vinterberg, Dänemark, 2012
with Mads Mikkelsen, Alexandra Rapaport c8.3

Lucas has just got divorced and is in the process of rearranging his life. Everything seems to be going well: his teenage son Marcus wants to live with him again, and in pretty Nadja he finds a new girlfriend. He also enjoys his new job as a kindergarten teacher and gets on well with the children. But one day, a five-year-old girl tells him that Lucas had shown his penis to her. Although it is obvious that the girl is fantasizing, from that moment on nothing is as it was.

Der Läufer
Hannes Baumgartner, Switzerland 2017 c6.4
The Artist
Michel Hazanavicius, France 2011 c7.9
The Children Act
Richard Eyre, UK 2018 c6.7
God's Own Country
Francis Lee, UK 2017 c7.7


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TRASH HEROES: Films on environmental issues

Trash Hero World is a Swiss NGO looking for new solutions to the global waste problem on land and water. In recent years, Trash Hero World has won more than 100,000 volunteers for clean-up activities worldwide.
Our revenues from these films go 100% to Trash Hero World.

Jeremy Irons guides you through the global garbage dump and shows you solutions.
New ideas and initiatives on the way to a human and environmentally compatible economy.
Il était une forêt
The magic and ingenious ecology of the rainforest.
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